Traffic Source


Kintura is already integrated with ReachEffect and if you're not already using our professional affiliate marketing tracker you're missing out.

Notes from a super affiliate...

  • This network has highly unusual tokens with no token character (i.e. {} or []). Take care in making sure your parameters aren't colliding with their tokens.
  • Support team didn't seem to know the significance of the a=OPTIONAL parameter in the TS postback. Example given was Company_Name.
  • Do NOT change parameter names! Tokens are weird.

When using Kintura, simply selecting the ReachEffect Traffic Source preset will automatically format Offer URLs you create under that network. If using a different tracker, simply copy and paste this onto the end of your Offer's URL.

If you intend on sending traffic source postbacks, get the External ID using extid=clickId. Auto Cost Tracking can be set using bid=cost.

Sending traffic source postbacks to ReachEffect might help your account manager optimize your campaign. You can do so by setting the ReachEffect's Postback URL to:{externalid}&a=Company_Name

Are you running campaigns on ReachEffect?

Awesome! Just pair the offer with your favorite affiliate network below! (Note: Kintura can track *any* affiliate network offer but the pairings below are suggestions!)

Can you help?

Please let us know if you want an affiliate network added to our presets by contacting us.