Performance marketing at scale.

The most powerful blend of tracking and optimization all under one roof.
Work smart, not hard.

Nuke the garbage, boost the gold 🙌

It all starts with play and pause. Expand your optimization strategies with placement level bidding inline; directly within reports. Our distributed traffic source connectors currently connect with Taboola, Revcontent, MGID, Zeropark, Exoclick and PropellerAds. Content.ad, Outbrain and Gemini are currently in progress.


Stop Campaign Bleed-out 🚑

They're not all winners, folks. Set up re-usable rules for a Nx payout cutoff and harvest your worst performing placements into a named vertical/geo blacklist. Save the list and apply it with your next campaign with a new offer/angle. Every penny spent comes out of your R&D budget. Finally monetize R&D losses by eliminating losing publishers and widgets from future campaigns.


Stackable Lists + Virtual Whitelisting.

Your account manager is taking forever to apply your whitelist? Shocking. Wait no more. We invented Virtual Whitelisting; the only optimizer that will monitor traffic and block unwanted placements with minimal loss. Maintain and manage lists for Publishers and Widgets and stack them; eliminating placements from established whitelists to surgically tune campaigns with a single click.


One billion events per minute.

Leaders in Artificial Intelligence

Our competitors are great at throwing around the term "AI" -- but few of them understand it. Kintura's distributed machine learning implementation trains campaign route optimization models in real-time and delivers powerful results!

What do the other trackers mean by AI?

Other trackers apply blanket weights to all of your traffic based on which landers/offers are performing. This is not AI.

What is Kintura AI?

Kintura evaluates every user action in the funnel in real-time to predict the most likely scenario for conversion and act accordingly. True AI.



We do things differently, here.

Kintura is the only performance marketing platform in its class. Our infrastructure is built to scale. The last thing we want is for you to stumble when you've got a blow-out campaign on your hands.

We used what we learned working on high traffic systems for over 15 years. We used what we learned working on the CERN Large Hadron Collider -- to build a system designed to track the performance of any campaign.

Up to one billion times a minute.

Lightning-fast Redirects

Global infrastructure on 5 continents

Real Artificial Intelligence

Not just a buzzword, here

Instant, Flexible Reporting

No more waiting for drill-downs

Nice People

Here to help you succeed

The time to upgrade your tracker is now.

A truly agile team must listen to users and adapt quickly. Kintura isn't just here to help, we're here to guide you to success. Join the hundreds of professional affiliates who've already made the switch!

Kintura's lightning-fast UI has my team performing like a well-oiled machine. I can't believe we ever used anything else.

Lou Chen
Kintura Video Loop

Integrated with Every Traffic Source

Kintura has integrated presets with custom tracking variables ready to report for every single traffic source.

Kintura and Outbrain
Kintura and Taboola
Kintura and Revcontent
Kintura and MGID
Kintura and TrafficJunky
Kintura and Exoclick
Kintura and JuicyAds
Kintura and RTX
Kintura and Traffic Factory
Kintura and Ero Advertising
Kintura and PropellerAds