Traffic Sources

Creating and managing traffic sources for performance marketing campaigns.

Traffic sources are the first step in the tracking loop. Kintura is already integrated with over 100 common traffic sources and we're adding them all the time. Selecting a preset for your traffic source is ideal -- so before you continue to create a traffic source from scratch, search for your traffic source by name. This will allow you to skip looking at their documentation to determine the tracking tokens available, cost and external parameters, etc.

1 The basics

Log in. Traffic Sources > New Traffic Source. Search for your traffic source "Template" by typing the name in the Template selector.

If you ever find that we're missing your traffic source, please file a ticket and let us know! We will usually add it within the day.

2 Traffic Source Postback and External Id (Optional)

In general, we only recommend setting the Traffic Source Postback URL if your traffic source uses conversion data to automatically optimize your campaign. Not all traffic sources support this; nor do all traffic sources auto-optimize (most of the don't). You might hear terms like "S2S postback" and "Postback," etc. You might also hear "Conversion Pixel" -- don't confuse this with the significantly more important Offer Postback. When we say "Postback" we're talking about Offer Postbacks (i.e. what the Affiliate Network sends us to tell our tracker that our traffic has converted). When we say "Traffic Source Postback" we're referring specifically to the Traffic Source Postback. Don't get them confused.

When in doubt, disable Traffic Source Postback by leaving the Postback field empty.

If you're sure you want to send Traffic Source Postbacks to a Traffic Source, please see the dedicated article Traffic Source Postbacks, otherwise, continue below to learn about Cost and Custom Variable tracking.

3 Cost Parameter and Token

You'll decide how you want to track a campaign's cost on a per-campaign basis. When you're setting up a Traffic Source in Kintura, be sure to set the Cost parameter and Token if the Traffic Source provides it. It will usually look like {bid} or ##BID## or #cost# -- it's different for every Traffic Source. If we had a template for your Traffic Source, we've set this for you. If you don't like the parameter we've chosen, feel free to change it.

Here's a gif to make sense of how the Traffic Source parameters and Tokens translate to your campaign links:

A quick note about cost tracking.
Some traffic sources price "clicks" as impressions; generally because their price is a fraction of the cost of an actual click. For instance, pops. Kintura tracker does not track CPM for clicks, so in order to track CPM cost from a source like PropellerAds (with the exception of their OnClick product) you should choose CPC model in Kintura and CPM in PropellerAds, as an example: if CPM is $1 the CPC should be 0.001 in Kintura.