Landing Pages

Creating and Managing Landing Pages


  • Landing Pages are added to routes within your campaigns for the purpose of attribution reporting and redirection.
  • You can create "click" links on your lander by using href="">click here</a>
  • As with any traditional tracker, be sure to use the same domain name in your lander's "out" links as you used in the campaign url otherwise cookies will not be recognized.
  • Even with KinturaJS (no-redirect) landing page tracking, you still need to have your landers in Kintura in the campaign you're tracking.
  • For cookieless tracking, be sure to append ?cid={cid} to your landing page url.
  • Kintura provides you with a number of {tokens} to pass information to your landing page via the query string.
  • If you're copying Landing Pages from another tracker and need us to set up macro/token aliases, just let us know!
  • If you need help with a landing page, file a ticket and we'll personally guide you!


If your campaign url looks like this: your "click" or "out" links to the offer will look like this:

<a href="">Buy Now</a>
<a href="">Buy Now</a>
<a href="">Buy Now</a>

If your campaign url looks like this: and you want to pass your cid through to add support for user with cookies disabled make sure you add ?cid={cid} to your landing page url and, with PHP, use:

<a href="<?php $_GET['cid]; ?>">Buy Now</a>

If you want to force a user to go to an offer by it's numerical index (i.e. 1, 2, 3) as noted in the Route editor, you can also just append the number:

<a href="">Buy Offer 1 Now</a>

Be sure to see the Campaign's Links & Code tab for more quick code generators.

Hard Index

Note the numbers 1, 2 to the left of each attached Offer.

Hard Offer (or Forced Offer) Links

A "Hard Offer" /out link looks a bit different. It has a special encoded id of the offer itself. This works great but your landing page will be less portable across routes because every time you use a landing page with these Hard Offer links you will need to make sure that that specific offer is in the Route attached to that campaign. Luckily, Kintura's reusable routes make this very easy.

No-redirect Tracking with KinturaJS

Once you've saved your campaign, you can copy KinturaJS Landing page code snippets that are ready to drop into your landing page HTML. Once a campaign is saved ( you must save it in order to generate a unique campaign GUID ) you can click the "Links & Code" tab and scroll down to the KinturaJS for that specific Landing Page.

This document is a work in progress. Want to contribute? Contact us!