Landing Pages

Creating and Managing Landing Pages


  • Landing Pages are added to routes within your campaigns for the purpose of attribution reporting and redirection.
  • You can create "click" links on your lander by using href="">click here</a>
  • As with any traditional tracker, be sure to use the same domain name in your lander's "out" links as you used in the campaign url otherwise cookies will not be recognized.
  • Even with KinturaJS (no-redirect) landing page tracking, you still need to have your landers in Kintura in the campaign you're tracking.
  • For cookieless tracking, be sure to append ?cid={cid} to your landing page url.
  • Kintura provides you with a number of {tokens} to pass information to your landing page via the query string.
  • If you're copying Landing Pages from another tracker and need us to set up macro/token aliases, just let us know!
  • If you need help with a landing page, file a ticket and we'll personally guide you!


If your campaign url looks like this: your "click" or "out" links to the offer will look like this:

<a href="">Buy Now</a>
<a href="">Buy Now</a>
<a href="">Buy Now</a>

If your campaign url looks like this: and you want to pass your cid through to add support for user with cookies disabled make sure you add ?cid={cid} to your landing page url and, with PHP, use:

<a href="<?php $_GET['cid]; ?>">Buy Now</a>

If you want to force a user to go to an offer by it's numerical index (i.e. 1, 2, 3) as noted in the Route editor, you can also just append the number:

<a href="">Buy Offer 1 Now</a>

Be sure to see the Campaign's Links & Code tab for more quick code generators.

No-redirect Tracking with KinturaJS

Once you've saved your campaign, you can copy KinturaJS Landing page code snippets that are ready to drop into your landing page HTML. Once a campaign is saved ( you must save it in order to generate a unique campaign GUID ) you can click the "Links & Code" tab and scroll down to the KinturaJS for that specific Landing Page.

This document is a work in progress. Want to contribute? Contact us!