Traffic Source + Affiliate Network

Big Hog + CityAds

Big Hog and CityAds are ready to track using Kintura.

Below we'll outline how to track conversions of CityAds offers with traffic from Big Hog using Kintura. Please note that our session token {cid} is unique to Kintura. If you need help with another tracker let us know!

  1. Big Hog

    Traffic Source Campaign URL

    If you intend on sending traffic source postbacks, get the External ID using extid={conversion}. Auto Cost Tracking can be set using cost={bid}.

    Recommended tokens (those that can be optimized) are as follows:

  2. CityAds

    Affiliate Network Offer URL

    CityAds wants us to pass our Kintura {cid} to their offers using this query-string format:

  3. CityAds

    Affiliate Network Postback

    We're going to tell CityAds to send our conversion postbacks to:{subaccount}&payout={payout}&type={status}

Can you help?

Please let us know if you want an affiliate network added to our presets by contacting us.