KinturaJS + Thrive Cart

How to integrate Kintura with Thrive Cart with KinturaJS


  • Already know how to set up a basic e-com campaign in Kintura? Skip ahead to step 2!
  • This article covers integrating your own Thrive Cart installation with Kintura
  • Set up an E-commerce campaign(s) in Kintura by creating a Campaign with a Landing Page (we are using no-redirect)
  • Our "Offer" page is going to be our Thrive Cart Checkout
  • Our "Conversion" code will be in both the Main and Bump order status pages
  • More information in Thrive Cart Documentation

1 Create a Campaign

Create an e-commerce campaign. We recommend using a word like "[ecom]" or tagging it with a tag like "E-COM" so you know it's an e-commerce campaign. Go to Routes > Default Routes and create a new default route named something like "T-shirts [ecom]".

Landing Pages
In this route you're going to have at least one landing page; the url is probably a product page on your e-commerce site. You can put multiple landing pages, too! So if this Route is for T-shirts you can have a landing page for separate but related products like Blue, Red, and Purple T-shirts. In this example we're using Direct Linking with No-redirect tracking so all that matters is that you have Landing Pages here for attribution when a conversion happens. What about the weighting? It doesn't matter unless you want to use Kintura to redirect. If so, just use the Campaign entry link generated for you in Links & Code.

Just make a generic ecom offer for your checkout page. It's nice to track which products are generating checkout clicks. For the URL, put your "View Cart" or "Checkout" url. Again, it's not terribly important. There will only be one "Offer" in this Route. You can call it "T-shirt Mania Checkout" or whatever the website is called. Note: If you want to split test checkout pages, now would be a good time to also add a second/third checkout page. Checkout page design can affect conversion significantly. What about the weighting? Same as Landing Pages, if you want to test different Checkout designs, this would be where. You just need to change your checkout links to use Kintura's /offer or /out or /click links.

Remember to save the new Route and close the Route editor. You now have an active campaign.

2 Paste KinturaJS code in Landers/Product Pages

In the e-com campaign you just made, go to Links and Code. In the right column under "No-redirect Tracking with KinturaJS" you will see two things for each landing page. 1) The URL if you want to direct link to that landing page (this is recommended unless you want to use route weighting behind your Kintura campaign url). 2) The code to paste into that page. If your cart doesn't let you paste specific javascript into indvidual product pages, you'll have to use a generic Landing Page in Step 1 above.

3 Paste KinturaJS code into your Thrive Cart Settings

Ignore Box 1. Box 2 should be your Offer event...

The (main) snippet is ready to paste into box "3" and the (bump) snippet is ready to paste in box "4".