Smart Cost Update

How to quickly update costs for your campaign


  1. With click loss and varying algorithms used by traffic sources to determine how and when you are charged there can be inaccurate costs reported to Kintura.
  2. Smart Cost Update solves this very easily by letting you type in what you have spent for a given time period.
  3. It is the easiest to use relative time ranges at your traffic source. Something like "Last 30 Days" or "Last 24 Hours"

How to use Smart Cost Update

  1. You must be viewing a Campaign report. Either in the Home report table or under Campaigns in Stats mode.
  2. Set the report range to something like what is expressed at your traffic source. A good option is a time range that covers the entire campaign.
  3. Usually, you've noticed cost discrepancies early on, so this is really easy.
  4. Something like "Past 24 Hours" or "Last 7 Days" but make sure it's long enough of a period to reflect all the traffic.
  5. Scroll to the Cost column. Suppose it says $425.21 but your traffic source says you've spent $402.90.
  6. Right click on the row in the report for that campaign and click "Smart Cost Update"
  7. Enter in the cost reported by your traffic source.
  8. Kintura will use this adjustment to adjust both past costs and costs in the future.
  9. If you find the cost drifting again, repeat the procedure to teach Kintura again.