Features and Changes to Kintura

Our roadmap is ever-changing but we get so many questions about missing features and suggestions that we thought it was time to publish our internal roadmap. The roadmap is grouped into two sections: Optimizer and Tracker.


  1. Adskeeper Connector
  2. Outbrain Connector
  3. Verizon Media Connector (aka Yahoo)
  4. Daypart High and Low bid state
  5. One click Low Bid state (very useful for tuning your AM applied Taboola white list which will by nature be very large)
  6. Low bid by BL (we will call this a LL or Low List)
  7. Rules added for almost every metric.
  8. Additional Actions including Email Notification, Add to List, and Low Bid


  1. New Billing Console that allows you to maintain both a monthly and yearly subscription to take advantage of annual discounts while supplementing them with exactly the monthly features you need allowing you to scale up and down how and when you need to to minimize your bill (which can be as low as $10/mo).
  2. Total billed events and resource usages.
  3. Reports: Column level filters (i.e. ROI over 5% or Visits over 1000)
  4. Reports: Multiple Drilldown (note: this might be wrapped into our Insights menu which is far more powerful then weeding through a 5-level drilldown)
  5. Reports: Change Column Order per user
  6. Reports: Browser Language Report
  7. Reports: Anonymized IP Report with CIDR copy
  8. Reports: Add CIDR to Filter dropdown (New or Existing, same as Add to List behavior)
  9. Reports: Custom Calculated Columns
  10. Filters: Filter by IP using CIDR notation
  11. Filters: Filter by Referer [sic] and other Request Headers
  12. Filters: Filter by Language
  13. Settings: Bulk editing tools
  14. Settings: Search and Replace in Offers and Landing Page URLs
  15. Settings & Reports: Checkbox Range Selection by shift-click
  16. ML: Reset Model
  17. ML: Analyze Model (allows you to peak inside the decisions our ML is making)
  18. ML: Set Training Percentage (override our smart percentage and use your own)