Placement Advisor

Getting advice from Kintura on when to cut, run and scale up placements.


  • When viewing drill down reports on Publishers and Widgets, Kintura will display an Advisor column
  • Advisor can utilize statistical significance (Binomial Confidence Intervals) to tell you when it predicts future loss or gain
  • The vertical blue bar indicates the Minimum Viable Conversion Rate for the campaign
  • Without any conversions, Advisor's advice is limited to Cuts indicated by a Black Skull icon
  • MVCR (Minimum Viable Conversion Rate) is fixed at a desired ROI of 40%.
  • MVCR cannot be calculated when there are no conversions.

Here we can see Advisor's Bullet Chart (sometimes called a Bullet Graph). The grey gradient bar represents this zone's contribution ranking to the total traffic. The blue gradient bar indicates the conversion rate. The vertical bar indicates the Minimum Viable Conversion Rate and will be the same for all rows in the report. The horizontal line is an error bar -- that is the range that Advisor predicts with 85% confidence. As you send more traffic, Advisor becomes more confident in its prediction. Whenever the lower end (the left most end) of the error bar falls above the MVCR, you will be advised to cut.

Advisor has no affect on Kintura's Auto Optimizer. It's simply for your review.

Why is Advisor telling me to cut a profitable placement?

Because the MVCR is set based on actually observed conversion amounts, if Advisor is sure that a placement will not yield an ROI above the current threshold (40%) you will be advised to cut.