Contaact™ Auto Optimizer

Optimizing campaigns automatically with Contakt™ by Kintura.


  • Kintura can connect with your traffic sources via API to modify placement and status
  • Kintura's Optimizer is called Contakt™
  • Currently supported sources are Taboola, Revcontent, MGID, Exoclick, Zeropark and PropellerAds
  • Create and re-use automated rules based on conversions, cost, and roi
  • Build and maintain stackable black and white lists
  • Virtual Whitelisting: white list publishers/widgets on platforms that do not support whitelisting

To begin, create a traffic source based on a template.

If you've already created a traffic source based on a connectable traffic source, that's okay. You will know the traffic source supports Contakt™ if the "Connect" tab is visible after creating your traffic source:

Enter the settings for your Traffic Source's API. This should be available in your Traffic Source's dashboard or from your Account Manager.

Once saved, you can now link any Kintura campaign directly to your Traffic Source.

When editing a campaign, once the campaign is created you'll see an additional tab like "TABOOLA" after the Links & Code tab!

Create and attach automated rules. Kintura allows you to attach one or more automated rules. Our cost based rules are reusable in that you *always* refer to thresholds via a simple rule coefficient. For instance, if your rule is "Pause campaign after reaching 5x payout with 0 conversions" your rule would very simply look like this:

Take note of the "Average Payout" setting as this is how our rules generate an actual dollar amount. It's a great way to make common rules portable (reusable) across campaigns. Here we created a rule called "Dead Campaign 5x" which means the cost has crossed the 5x threshold -- 5 times the "Average Payout" which might be a personal rule you maintain as a media buyer. Of course, all verticals, geos and campaigns are different so you may want to have multiple Dead Campaign rules to prevent hemorrhaging (otherwise known as bleeding out).

The last step is to simply attach the new (or existing) rule by clicking Attach Rule. Make sure "Automation Rules" are turned on and click Save.