Editing and Filtering Marks / Markers

How to use the Kintura marks to filter traffic source variables

Kintura's marks have a unique feature that allows you to mark within a campaign as well as across an entire traffic source. This can be useful when you have a traffic source with a widget or zone which continually outperforms others across campaigns.

Setting Marks

The marks menu is divided into 3 segments. The left most and right most marks are Traffic Source level marks that will show up in reports across campaigns. The inner 4 buttons in the marks controls will mark only the campaign you're viewing.

To place the Mark Controls in "Edit" mode simply place a check for the rows for which you'd like to edit marks. In this example you might have three very nicely performing PropellerAds Zones. First, check the boxes next to each zone and then use the far right "Halo Heart" icon to mark those zones with traffic source marks. Now, in other campaign reports if you see one of these performing poorly, you can adjust the mark to say, the minus red (that will mark ONLY the zone in this campaign).

Filtering Marks

The marks controls become "filter" controls when you have no rows selected. The fastest way to switch into filtering mode is to click the "Uncheck All" box.

Now, the mark controls allow you to filter the report by mark.