Internal Offers and Organic Traffic

Tracking your own traffic source and/or your own internal offers.

Kintura can track the performance and attribute sales to virtually any type of funnel. In Affiliate Marketing we generally divide the funnel into a flow like this:

  1. Clicks on ad
  2. Is redirected to our landing page
  3. Clicks a CTA (call to action like Buy This)
  4. Is Redirected to the Offer
  5. Makes a Purchase

Along the way, Kintura is keeping track of these actions. Generally, you start with a campaign "/in" link which we call campaign or funnel entry.

When we add assets to a new campaign, at the very minimum we need an Offer. We need an Offer in the campaign because we need to know what was purchased and for how much.

Internal Affiliate Network

To run your own offers you might be wondering "Who is my affiliate network?" Quite simply, the Affiliate Network is you. In fact, you can create all the same rules and configuration to help you run your own internal offers by creating an Affiliate Network from scratch in Kintura > Affiliate Networks > Create New.

You will not select a preset. Instead you will simply create an Affiliate Network with a title like "Internal" or "Internal A" and "Internal B" based on different departments, etc.

Internal Offers

To create an Internal Offer, Go to Kintura > Offers > Create New and simply choose the Affiliate Network you created in the previous step.


Now, you're responsible for firing your own conversions. This means that you need to either place a conversion pixel or use KinturaJS to fire the conversion. Please be aware that prior to firing the conversion we *must* have an offer in the campaign. These are the offers that are converted. A good example is in our Shopify instructions.