Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of your common questions and concerns.

Why are my stats delayed?

Kintura utilizes a high-powered distributed query system to provide users with the fastest possible queries at any scale. Because we have to accommodate the needs of media buyers processing 100 million events per day on a single instance, we utilize a highly distributed system that is world's more powerful than Amazon Redshift. With all that said, a reporting delay of up to 5 minutes can occur based on a number of factors. Like many large scale platforms such as Google Analytics and Mixpanel, Kintura utilizes Eventual Consistency to ensure that all customers share the best balance between performance, scalability and reliability.

Where are you based?

Kintura is based in Sacramento, California on the west coast of the US about 90 minutes from San Francisco.

Why don't my conversions show up?

Kintura assigns conversions attribution which may include the time period in which the traffic was originally paid for. This is a critical part of accurate performance marketing. If you want a platform to provide you with a log of events, this is the wrong platform for you. We are concerned only with the performance of specific marketing and advertising efforts. Be sure to expand your reporting time range to cover the entire period that you'd been sending traffic. Your affiliate network/e-commerce platform only knows to report conversions when they occur.