Affiliate Networks

Managing Affiliate Networks in Kintura

We are currently in the process of implementing presets for all popular affiliate networks. If yours is not listed in the console please give us a heads-up!


  • An Affiliate Network is what we call a "Goal Provider" in the world of performance marketing.
  • Generally speaking, an Affiliate Network will share the same tracking-related offer and postback tokens/parameters across all offers.
  • Every Affiliate Network has different tracking parameters so be sure to check their documentation!
  • In Kintura, we give you a way to save a postback url and offer url template (URL Assistant) for convenience. Always double-check your offer urls!
  • Your postback url is
  • You can also include a status in your postback like &status=lead -- see Enable Postback Status.
  • The domain is a universal postback domain that will work across all accounts.
  • You can use a custom domain for postbacks.

Traffic Company Example

URL Assistant

Let's start with an example using a couple different Affiliate Networks.

Example: Tracking with AdCombo

Let's do the same thing for an offer over at AdCombo. Just like Peerfly, we just search for and select "AdCombo" from the presets and all the info we need is set up for us!

Another advantage of using our presets is that we fill out the Postback URL for the Affiliate Network for you. Even in cases where there are more than one Affiliate Network within a campaign you'll still see a list of relevant urls:

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